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Jon Christopher Meyers Blog.  Jon is a commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer working throughout the Pacific Northwest, while living in Eugene, Oregon.

Summer Days + Watermelon

Summer is finally here in Eugene Oregon.  The dogs are hot, lazy and bored.  The Oregon Bach Festival has been in full swing for the last 2 and half weeks.  Tonight's concert of Elijah wraps up the 40th year of the festival.  It has been fun to see all the familiar faces and to make some new friends.  Be on the look out for my favorite pics from this year.  I took a little break between photo assignments to see my good friends out at Oakshire Brewing last Thursday as they were hosting the July YPN event for the Eugene Chamber. Enjoyed some great beer with friends and snapped some quick pics with my favorite iPhone Camera App Hipstamatic.  This app allows you to "change" lenses ands film types to create some really fun cool looks.  Sure I could do all of this in post on my computer, but really would I ever bother to do so with my iPhone pic's?  With this app I actually use my camera on my phone and enjoy it. So here is Conner enjoying a summer evening and making a mess of some watermelon.

[caption id="attachment_599" align="aligncenter" width="760" caption="Example of Hipstamatic Camera App for iPhone"]Conner enjoying a bit of watermelon[/caption]

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