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Jon Christopher Meyers Blog.  Jon is a commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer working throughout the Pacific Northwest, while living in Eugene, Oregon.

The best camera is the one you have with you.....

I love my iPhone, i'd be lost without it.  Email, contacts, apps, its all there.  I've even got a light meter app for those times I've left mine at the studio and I'm out with my Leica CL. The other day I was invited up to the Cascades Raptor Center to watch a Bald Eagle being released after being in rehab for about 5 months.  This eagle had recovered from a wing injury was now able to hunt on its own and was ready and able to be returned to the wild to live out her days.  CRC chose to release the eagle at the center because they did not know where the eagle had come from and given that it is nesting season they didn't want to release the bird into an area with nested pairs.

So back to why I love my iPhone...  After a day spent running errands and other non note worthy things I get a text inviting me up.   I didn't want to miss the opportunity and I didn't have time to go back to the studio and get all the gear.  So I made due with the on board camera.  Putting all of my photography skills to best use I determined the best place to document the moment.  Get close to the action!  I also decided that a single still image wasn't really going to be my best option with this little camera, so flip the slider over to video mode and start recording.

Here is what I came back with, and yes I did a bit of editing as any good photographer would.