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Jon Christopher Meyers Blog.  Jon is a commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer working throughout the Pacific Northwest, while living in Eugene, Oregon.

Oregon Bach Festival 2012

For the last five summers I've had the privilege of listening and experiencing some of the finest classical and performance music while working with the OBF.   I'll be honest here for a moment.  If I didn't get into the concerts for free I'd probably not go to them.  After all I'm not exactly the target audience of the OBF!  However they would like that to change and I will tell all of you it's really worth checking out.  I left the Hult Center on Sunday after listening and photographing the performance of the St. Mathews Passion, it was an amazing experience.  The concert was over three hours long with a double orchestra, full choir, six soloist and a children's choir to top it off.  To see so many individuals come together to play something so intense is a very unique and special experience. 

The big news last year was Matthew Hall.  This year we got to see him conduct several performances and each was wonderful.  He brings a vibrant energy to the stage and to the Bach Festival.  I had the privilege of getting about an hour of Matthew's time for a portrait session in my studio.  After one of the concerts we enjoyed a couple of Oakshire Beers together and he seemed to enjoy the slower pace of Eugene compared with London.

Finally, just before the 4th of July we got to see Pink Martini at the Cuthbert.  What a great show and a wonderful way to spend a summer evening with friends.

Enjoy the photographs.  This year the Oregon Bach Festival truly felt more like a family reunion and less like a high pressure gig.