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Jon Christopher Meyers Blog.  Jon is a commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer working throughout the Pacific Northwest, while living in Eugene, Oregon.

Mt. Yoran

This last weekend Kara and I did a great hike in the Oregon Cascades to Mt. Yoran and Divide Lake.  Nestled on the northern flanks of Diamond Peak Mt. Yoran is an ancient volcanic plug.  The weather was warm.  Our first taste of winter had arrived earlier in the week so by the end we had soggy sneakers from hiking in about a foot of snow at times.  Oregon is an amazing place in the fall.  Perfect bluebird day that in someways felt more like spring.  We had views all the way north to Mt. Jefferson.

Divide lake is right on the Cascade crest.  The PCT is just a few steps away to the east.  

Next?  Winter ski trip in from Salt Creek Falls.  If there is a long cold snap there could be some good snow and ice routes on the north side.

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