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Jon Christopher Meyers Blog.  Jon is a commercial, editorial, and fine art photographer working throughout the Pacific Northwest, while living in Eugene, Oregon.

Silent Spaces, Photography of the American Southwest

Opens today at the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History.   Join me on Friday March 8 for a reception and discussion from 6 - 8 pm.   

When I look at these images and think about why I was motivated to make them, time continues to play a roll.  Not just time in a minute to minute, hour by hour comprehensible way but in a way that decades turn to moments, and centuries become years.

This project was made over the course of two trips to the Southwest.  The first was in August / September of 2009 the second October 2012.  Much about me has changed in those 3 years.  My two dogs continue to get older, I now have a two year old son, my truck has many more miles on it and I realize how my view of the world continues to evolve as time drifts by.   

Here is the link to the University of Oregon article.

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