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My 1989 FJ-62

SOME vehicles beget cultlike followings: the Toyota Land Cruiser, for example. To a generation of explorers, adventurers, mercenaries and photojournalists -- real and would-be -- this is the object of their desire. Not the curvy, comfortable and expensive models of the last decade, but the heavy, ungraceful, boxy bruisers imported to the United States between 1958 and 1990.

These were vehicles built to last, to be driven over rough terrain and repaired by nonmechanics in the outback. You can abuse these war horses. You can equip them with strong roof racks, grille guards, side bars, big tires, auxiliary lighting and the ultimate badge of off-road intent, winches front and back. Then, you can gather at some ''Cruiserhead'' oasis -- the Moab desert in Utah is popular right now -- and put your machinery to the test, stopping only to rest a front tire on a boulder while you swap stories about who got stuck, how badly and where. Cruiser fans don't often follow established roads.

-New York Times

Milage 4-15-2010 286,000 miles  1989 FJ-62

Milage 01-3-2012 312,000


1989 FJ-62 Imogene Pass

1[caption id="attachment_185" align="alignleft" width="600" caption="My Land Cruiser on top of Imogene Pass Colorado"][/caption]